Acting Responsibly


Our world, with everything it provides, is our source of life. Protecting the earth for present and future generations and working responsibly with limited resources are both part of the identity of Schwan Cosmetics. Since 1865, environmental protection and social responsibility have been integral parts of Schwan-STABILO group’s belief system: Our responsibility is born out of deep-rooted conviction!

Schwan Cosmetics @ Sustainable Packaging Initiative for Cosmetics (SPICE)

In September 2018 Schwan Cosmetics joined SPICE as a corporate member. By participating in this initiative, Schwan Cosmetics confirms its commitment to sustainable development. Our common goal is to organize uniform packaging guidelines, direct packaging innovations, and make the current ecological account balance of products transparent for consumers.

One of the latest achievements of SPICE is to present a publicly available ecodesign tool to measure and reduce the environmental footprint of cosmetics packaging.

We are proud to actively support the initiative as a Corporate Member for the third and final year.

NEW: German Design Award for our CSR Report

Our CSR Report received the German Design Award in the “Editorial” category for outstanding design quality. The agency with whom we jointly conceptualized the editorial and design aspects of the report will accept the award in Frankfurt on February 8, 2019. The award is one of the most renowned design competitions worldwide.

NEW: CSR Report as best-practice example

The Schwan Cosmetics CSR Report in the 2017 corporate communications yearbook: Right away, our first public CSR Report was nominated for the 2017 Econ Award in the category of “Sustainability and CSR Reports.” Since 2007, the honor has been jointly awarded by Econ Verlag and the Handelsblatt Group to best in Corporate Communications from the German-speaking area. Featuring the prize winners and nominees, the yearbook presents best-practice examples in various categories.

Our CSR guidelines

We are committed to responsible actions when interacting with our employees and the environment, the market and the community. We anchor this understanding company-wide in the guiding principles of the four fields of action. They serve as a guideline for our continued sustainable path.

To ensure and sustain our success, we focus on the products and services consistent with the needs of our customers and the requirements of all consumers.
The safety of our products and the protection of consumers are our highest priorities.
We work to continuously improve our corporate processes to make optimal use of precious resources.
We’ve created an effective supply chain that adheres to strict social and environmental standards.


Our goal is to meet the challenges of an ever-changing, fast-moving working environment with healthy, competent and motivated employees.
We adhere to a social corporate culture and support our employees with work-life strategies designed to foster harmony between family and career.
We actively promote the health and well-being of our employees.
We believe in providing a working environment that encourages and rewards workplace safety.

Environmental protection is an important part of our corporate values and a criterion throughout our corporate decision-making process.
We are committed to the continuous optimization of our use of precious natural resources.
We adhere to strict international environmental standards.

As a successful, global company we’re always aware of what our social responsibility means to the customers we serve.
We're actively involved in supporting underprivileged communities, and sponsoring and mentoring children and youths. We're socially committed at all of our corporate locations.

EcoVadis has evaluated our CSR activities since 2014
We are audited annually by the international assessment platform EcoVadis in the areas of the environment, social affairs, ethics, and the supply chain. We use EcoVadis to identify potential for optimization in all of our CSR activities and implement them accordingly. We share the results with our customers.

Signing of the Social Charter
By signing the Social Charter, the Schwan-STABILO Group publicly commits itself to its social and ethical responsibility. In our Social Charter, we undertake to comply with the basic principles and core labor standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in all of our manufacturing and distribution companies worldwide.

Voluntary social audits
In order to guarantee that our products are manufactured under safe working conditions, with fair payment and in compliance with fundamental human rights, we have ourselves audited voluntarily. As part of what is called a SMETA social audit, the auditors of an independent institute examine working conditions, occupational safety, hygiene, and environmental management at our production sites.

Sustainability goes beyond our own actions
We also apply the corporate social responsibility standards we set for ourselves to our suppliers throughout the world by involving them in our CSR strategy. We have formulated a Code of Practice for our suppliers, which is integrated into our supplier evaluation system, in order to actively work with them on areas of sustainability.

CSR Report 2016

Our current CSR Report shows how responsibility is put into practice at Schwan Cosmetics.