Social Responsibility


Shaping the future in a sustainable way means assuming responsibility.

Therefore, Schwan Cosmetics, as a subdivision of the Schwan-STABILO group and a global employer, has signed a Social Charta: a clear public commitment to social and ethical responsibility which stems from the company's global outlook.

We are convinced that a successful, responsible company is the best future investment for our employees.

Guarantee for a shared success.


The safe-guarding of employee- and human rights as well as social responsibility have always been a very important part of our company policies. By signing the social Charta (IAO), as a result of the company's globalization, Schwan Cosmetics is committing itself to social and ethical responsibility towards its employees worldwide:

We offer all employees equality and fair play, independent of gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or world view, age, sexual orientation and identity. We are against forced labor, discrimination and child labor. We respect the right for freedom of assembly and wage and salary negotiations. We also guarantee that our suppliers adhere to these same principles.


A company is formed by people who think, feel and behave in different ways. We know that the individuality of our employees is one of the strengths of our company. This is why our corporate culture gives employees the scope to realise their individuality through their work. We appeal to social skills including responsibility and openness, but also the ability to promote oneself independently.

We encourage the use of initiative and the courage to make changes. We offer our employees various flexible work hour models. Child care during vacation times offers additional flexibility. We place great importance on the fact that our employees feel very comfortable at work in order for them to be enthusiastic and at the same time to be fully engaged and productive. As a result, we experience the extent of our employees' identification with Schwan Cosmetics every day.

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