We are NeighboUrhood Partners!

As of June 2012 Schwan Cosmetics is partnering with the district of St. Leonhard/Schweinau in Nuremberg.

On one hand we would like to continue with the numerous, excellent social projects in the district and support them financially and on the other hand we would like to stay in close personal contact with the people of the district through direct activities and projects. The idea behind this is to carry a piece of St. Leonhard/Schweinau into our company and a piece of Schwan Cosmetics into your district.

Click here for more information on events and projects of our neighbourhood partnership

„Soziale Stadt 2012" (Socially responsible city) – Schwan Cosmetics honoured with acknowledgement

Since the year 2000 the competition takes place every two years. This year the 171 projects submitted nationwide were met with strong approval. The fundamental idea of this tender is to support community life within neighborhoods in a society that is becoming ever more differentiated. This includes among others, the provision of easier access to education and improvement upon the outlook on life.

Schwan Cosmetics together with other sponsors was honoured for the model "Neighbourhood partners", an innovative concept of cooperation between a company and a specific district. As part of a partnership with St. Leonhard/Schweinau, Schwan Cosmetics has been getting involved in projects such as the Interkulturcafe or the club "Girls Meet" and is thus contributing greatly to a unique model which was praised by the jury as "...an example to follow".

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