We exceed your expectations.

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The quality of your success

Schwan Cosmetics and its products are trusted by the most renowned cosmetic companies in the world, because they know they can rely on the unparalleled quality we deliver. So, when it comes to your success: Trust the reliability of the global market leader!



Our manufacturing process uses the highest level of automation within the cosmetic industry. That’s why you can always depend on the quality of our products, they reliably meet and exceed an unparalleled high industry standard. As our customer, we also use and match your standards as our benchmark – so every product we make in our automated process surpasses your needs and fulfils your requirements.


Your ideas and your requirements help push us to achieve new heights in product development and manufacturing. That’s why continuous development and improvement is an elementary part of our quality management process. Together, we will audit the standards we put in place, that are based on your own stringent criteria. Once you have seen how our process works – we know you will complete confidence in the product we deliver.



Each product you offer to the consumer makes a promise. Our promise to you is to make sure the products you sell meet every legal requirement, beginning with the regulatory assessment of all components and raw materials, according to national and international standards, to ending with products’ overall international performance. Knowing that your product provides what is promised, means you can rely on a guaranteed approval process.


Consumers worldwide have come to expect the highest possible hygienic standards in our products. That’s why before a product is ever delivered to the consumer, it’s our pledge that it’s been 100%, thoroughly checked and monitored according to international standards. It’s just one more promise we make in our commitment to guaranteeing unparalleled product quality.