Passion to deliver, power to delight.


All Your Wishes Will Be Fullfilled.

Whatever you want, whatever your desire is, you can trust the details to us. From an analysis of your portfolio and trend scouting, to consulting and product development, to customs clearance and organization of logistics, our full-service-package ensures your success.

Always up to date

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    Mirage, Adore or Saray? What colours and textures will be trending next year? We already know and will relay the information to you. Do not follow trends - be ahead.

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    Such variety in the world! And we have it all in sight. A new style takes over Paris? We already have the perfect product for you. High humidity in Brazil? No problem! Regional features do not intimidate us - they inspire us.

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    We operate glocally: a global network, a local presence – from the US to Indonesia. Our specialists from around the world regularly exchange ideas and are there for you. Make use of our international expertise with your contact person on-site.

A partnership built on collaboration

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    Beauty goes digital! In our “Digital Studio“ we think in new dimensions and work to discover future new markets and their potential for your business. Be inspired by the digital possibilities and ideas that can usher you to into a brand new world of Smartcosmetics.

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    No country is exactly the same as another country, each has its own unique needs based on customers preferences (color) and the weather (humidity). Which products are trending in Asia now? And which are hot in South Africa or North America? Our global experts work to advise you on the optimal market positioning of your product.

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    Extraordinary, surprising colors, functionalities, and unique textures. Whatever you choose – we can custom create that individual, wow factor in any product we create for you. Our work is complete only when you’re completely satisfied.

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    Our goal is to understand you better. We do this by visiting your production facilities. Our goal is to consult with you to exchange ideas and to alleviate any potential technical issues. And we invite you to visit us anytime so you can see Smartcosmetics at work for you.

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    We begin our partnership with you by first asking three questions: where you stand, where do you want to go, and which product perfectly matches you and your target group? You answers form the base of what will become an extremely detailed analysis of your portfolio.

We make it happen – getting there without any complications

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    If you want to sell a product internationally, beyond your country’s borders, there is a lot keep in mind – including, customs specifications and special documents that may be needed. Schwan Cosmetics can assist you with whatever you need to be successful. It’s just another way we make sure your success is limitless across borders.

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    As a global expert in the cosmetics industry, Schwan Cosmetics can also help you address any legal considerations you are required to follow. Regardless of the country or local laws that need to be considered, we can ensure that our products are custom created to meet whatever legal specifications are required.

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    We manage material and the flow of goods for you. With our worldwide production sites, we guarantee sustainable supply chains and short delivery times. And we offer you a wide range of packaging options.

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    At Schwan Cosmetics, we comprehensively test 100% of our products before you ever launch them to the market. Along the way, we answer every question that comes up, including does it meet hygienic standards and does the texture fulfil expectations? Ultimately, our goal is to keep an eye on everything we do to ensure the highest quality in the products you’ve come to expect and trust.