Within Colour Plus, the PURE NATURE line contains ECOCERT certified products with 100% of their ingredients of natural origin.

PURE NATURE features pure, natural cosmetics in a luxurious array of colours and textures. Products that are good for your skin and good for the environment. Packed with botanical ingredients we embrace eco-friendly practices.

In an effort to keep naturally grown forests untouched, the wood used for our pencils is FSC certified, and our new biodegradable pencil caps are produced from renewable resources.

100% beautiful, 100% natural, 100% ECOCERT certified. All of the PURE NATURE formulas are also available as a non-ECOCERT certified version.

For more information on ECOCERT, please refer to the official website.

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Slim Wooden Eye-, Brow-, Lipliner Slumbo & Jumbo Wooden Concealer