Our sharpenable wood pencil with its traditional look made entirely out of wood is the preferred artist's tool as its application feels more controlled. The different formulas available in wood, from soft to firm to powdery can be easily sharpened to a super fine tip that allows precise lining.

Schwan Cosmetics brought the first ever wooden eyebrow pencil to the world in 1927, and since it has been adapted into the many forms we have today, it is still considered THE classic liner.

Most of our wood-clenched pencils are available in different diameters, lengths and shapes and can also be equipped with different applicators for eye, lip and brow.

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Mini Slim Wooden Pencil Extra Slim Wooden Pencil Slim Wooden Pencil Slim Wooden Pencil with Shifted Lead Twin Slim Wooden Pencil Square Slim Wooden Pencil Hexagonal Slim Wooden Pencil 145 mm Slim Wooden Pencil Chopstick Slim Wooden Pencil Slumbo Wooden Pencil Twin Slumbo Wooden Pencil Jumbo Wooden Pencil Twin Jumbo Wooden Pencil Oriental Wooden Pencil Twin Oriental Wooden Pencil Biggi Wooden Pencil