• 1927

The world's first cosmetic pencil

With the world's first cosmetic pencil, Schwan-STABILO transferred the company's expertise in writing implements to a completely new trade sector.

The Dermatograph - with an unbreakable and precise lead, which was originally used for marking skin in preperation for surgery - is shorthened and, under the name "Schwan eyebrow pencil", developed to become the world's first ever cosmetic pencil.

  • 1931

The product range is extended

The potential offered by decorative cosmetics is quickly recognised and systematically expanded.

The first successful product is joined by Khol Kajals, lipliners and nail whiteners, which make up the first cosmetics product range.

  • 1946

"Lilo and Lola only ever use Lirola"

Necessity is the mother of invention: with Lirola, the idea of matchbooks is transferred to create single-use lipsticks, which become a roaring success in the post-war years.

  • 1972

A huge business success - The Jumbos

Strong yet gentle: in a completely new pre-moulding procedure, the leads are not extruded, contrary to the methods used thus far, instead they are first pre-moulded, then glued into wood cladding.

The wider diameter of the lead and the new technology enable extra smooth application over a large area. The Jumbos allow Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics to tap into the eyeshadow and lipstick market.

  • 1977

From pre-moulding to direct moulding: the MT process

No cause for relaxation. The patented MT process goes one step further and leaves the origins of cosmetic pencil manufacture behind, once and for all. The formulas are now poured directly into wooden sleeves and later also into sharpenable plastic. This allows for a higher proportion of volatile components and thus for softer textures wich are easier to apply and last longer.

  • 1984

Stylo: the sweet smell of success

Süskind is pipped to the post: one year before Patrick Süskind's global bestseller, Perfume, was published, Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics causes a sensation with the Fragrance-Stylo. As the first scent available in a pencil shape, it also breaks new ground in our customers' sales and is available in numerous duty-free shops in international airports.

  • 1987

Tip Top: the B-Matic

The first cosmetic pencils with plastic twist mechanism represent a further milestone on the cosmetic market. The B-Matic features an impressive tip that remains sharp without the need for sharpening.

  • 1994

Dipliner and R-Matic: for applying make-up just like the professionals

Tough times for conventional brushes, good times for make-up artists. The smooth and precise tip of the new Dipliner allows water-based eyeliner inks to be applied finely and precisely - and with variable line thicknesses.

No wonder the Dipliner and its subsequent models are not only a huge success, but are also soon a permanent feature in the beauty cases of renowned make-up artists.

The R-Matic's retractable lead mechanism is an innovative addition to the always-sharp-liner concept. This means that the fine lead stays better protected, allowing it to simply be popped back in a make-up bag, with no need to worry about breakage.

  • 1998

The clever Twist, now in XL: the Jumbo Matic

While the B- and R-Matic were ideal for use as liners, the new generation of mechanical pencils is suited for larger area use as eyeshadows, lipsticks or concealers, thanks to their thicker leads. Of course, the Jumbo-Matic lead is also retractable, allowing for smooth-sailing through the wild 90s.

  • 1999

A practical combination: the 2-Matic

2-in-1: the 2-Matic combines large-area and fine line application in one plastic casing. Lipstick &  lipliner and eyeshadow & eyeliner duos in complementary colours are a handy addition to any make-up bag.

  • 2000

Liquid Colour: the Textures of Time

As the new millenium dawns, the first complete range of water-based make-up is launched. The particulary creamy textures in the Liquid Colour products have a cooling effect, can be enriched with conditioning ingredients and therefore guarantee a completely new application experience.

  • 2001

Visco-Matic®: New Texture Makes a Difference

With its completely new application system, the Visco-Matic® works with viscose formulas instead of ink or fixed lead. On the one hand, this allows them to use creamier textures with water and oil-based conditioning ingredients, while on the other hand achieving extra rich application.

Visco Matic® can be dispensed precisely with just a simple turn and are available with flock applicators which are specifically shaped for eyes, lips or concealer formulas.

  • 2002

Mascara and Short-R-Matic

A comprehensive new product sector rounds off our broad standard range harmoniously and boldly. Mascara revives weary eyelids and, with its wide range of formulas, creates longer lashes, more volume and better shape. With a number of freely combinable bottles and brushes in a variety of designs from transparent to metallic, the range of Mascara possibilities constantly grows.

The handy short version of the R-Matic with all the convenience: the smart Short-R-Matic with retractable lead always stays sharp as an eye- or lipliner, now fits into the smallest bag.

  • 2003

SKIN TREATMENT: Fit to Face the Future

Reviving, beauty and conditioning ingredients in just one product - the demands on cosmetics become visibly more complex. This provides us with enough reason to develop a complete assortement of active-ingredient products in our SKIN TREATMENT range, products which perfectly integrate beauty, conditioning and regenerating qualities. SKIN TREATMENT stands for cosmetics with added value, for innovative ingredients and additional dermatological benefits. Now also available: the specially formulated for men range - SKIN TREATMENT FOR MEN.

  • 2005

Traditionally Innovative

Hip with Powder Dip®: the trendy packaging for loose eyeshadow powder is impressive thanks to its richness and intelligent design - a ball inside the apllicator ensures that the exact amount of powder is dispensed when needed.

No less clever, the Lip-Kick® gives the conventional lipstick a modern shape and functionality - thanks to the innovative attributes provided by viscose textures, its compact casing and precisely contoured application.

While Schwan-STABILO cosmetics celebrates its 150th anniversary, its cosmetic sector also celebrates another global innovation. The Powder-Matic® is not only the first ever powder eyeshadow to come with a turning mechanism, it also provides conclusive proof that innovation is a permanent part of our company's tradition.

  • 2006

EVOLUTION: Time for the Future

EVOLUTION exemplifies our target-group oriented product development, and is particularly tailored to the growing market of the "youthfully ageing" population - a care range which helps regulate the ageing process and which helps achieve a balance between the age a person looks and the age they feel.

  • 2007

Micro-Matic®, Perfect-Double® and Dress-Up

Tipped for super success - the retractable Micro-Matic® takes cosmetic pencils to new heights with its retractable plastic mechanism. Super-Slim and super-precise, the moulded, super-fine lead ensures extremly precise application.

Two heads are better than one - The Perfect-Double® is a doubly intelligent casing system: two bottles, which can be modularly attached to the central grip section, allow for clever combinations of fluid and powder, fine and large-area application, and base and cover formulas, with suitable applicators.

The art of disguise - Dress-Up gives an attractive insight into the inner values of cosmetic products with the Bottle - in - Bottle System. The seductive use of transparency opens up a new dimension of creative ways to give products individual design features.

  • 2008

2K Applicator

Our new applicator design makes creating the trendy Smoky Eye look as easy as 1-2-3. The soft, flexible tip of this 2K applicator is ideal for exact blending and correcting and helps to create the perfect eye make-up. The different colours available for this component will attract the individualists. Rounding off this new applicator technique is the hygienic aspect as this applicator can easily be cleaned.

Dip Pen - possibly the slimmest Dipliner in the World

A star is born... with our new packaging innovation Dip Pen. It combines a slim, elegant form with endless decoration possibilities, taking for example an inlay that can be coloured, metallized or lacquered and a cap that can be individually decorated. With the additional wide range of applicator choices it guarantees for an unforgettable performance.

  • 2009

Next Generation... PVC free

The next generation of our beloved moulded pencil. Adored by consumers all over the world because of its superior performance and its most innovative formulas, this classic pencil is now available without the addition of PVC.


This handy, petite packaging fits in every make-up purse. Whether it's lipstick, eyeshadow or concealer - anything is possible. Small packaging with big potential.

Duo Micro-Matic®

Convenient two-in-one retractable pencil for super fine and precise lining for eyes and brows. Its super skinny shape makes handling easy and application exact. Fits in even the smallest purse. Super slim, super exact, no need for sharpening.

  • 2010

2K-Lip Paddle Applicator

The new Lip Paddle applicator in this established 2-component technology makes lipstick and lipgloss laydown incredibly smooth and easy. Available for sharpenable  & mechanical pencils.

Oriental Khol Kajal

"Oriental", a traditional Kohl Kajal in a completely new format. The sharpenable tip and the soft, rich formula make applying the Khol Kajal in the traditional way – from the inner to outer rim with eyes closed - extremely easy.

StyleMatic: the Sophisticated Liner

Our stylish, modern pencil with "non-slip" SmartTouch® grip zone provides a firm hold that makes drawing a line absolutely mistake-proof, precise and comfortably easy. With a new ergonomic design the pencil stands for high quality and high-tech functionality. Its different shape is easily recognizable in the "crowd".

  • 2011

Precision Liner 

Precision to the Point – an all new inkliner that makes headlines with its ergonomic and easy handling. It grips everybody's attention with a secure hold and its ultra-fine tip that make every application quick and easy but incredibly exact. A Schwan Cosmetics innovation that makes its point.

Soft Spot Applicator

With already the most innovative, modern loose eyeshadow powder concept in its portfolio, it was only a matter of time before Schwan Cosmetics would offer the most avant-garde yet soft applicator. Develop a soft spot for our ultra-smooth, cushy applicator that gently hugs eyelids and comfortably lays down the prettiest colours. For all the „softies" out there.

  • 2012

Tips on top

Different eyes, different looks, different users. Schwan Cosmetics' Precision and Easy Liner applicators have got it covered with various dimensions and application characteristics. Everyone will for sure find the perfect one for each and every desired eyeliner design.

paraben-free lining

Innovative ingredients make Schwan Cosmetics' paraben-free Liquid Eyeliner formulas state-of-the-art. Quick, easy and precise in exceptional colours that are available in waterresistant and waterproof versions. And all of this without parabens!

CURVE – the world's most eye-catching inkliner

Form meets function. A shape that makes applying liquid liner mistake-proof. Ideal even for pure beginners and anybody who shies away from inks. It immediately provides the right hold and makes application precise, secure and most importantly, easy.


  • 2013

This is the ultimate convenient eyeliner. The integrated sharpener in the cap sharpens lead automatically after each use. A pencil that makes its point!

MiniMatic is the perfect pencil for on-the-go and an ideal tool for kits, limited editions or special promotions. The performance formulas also make it a perfect in-line travel size or purse item.

The retractable eyeshadow packaging can be used as a liner with its shaped tip or as an eyeshadow - in combination with the most modern formulas for quick, convenient & colourful applications.

It feels perfectly shaped in your hand and incredibly comfortable to use. Its rounded triangular shape provides an excellent grip for even, accurate application and definition. And above all, it looks chic!

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