Your personality in any shape

3D by Schwan Cosmetics –
Your personality in any shape

Inspire your customers with tailored products that reflect your brand’s identity! Reinvent you brand's storytelling with unique and compelling eye candy on single products or your whole product line with seasonal specials or promotions.

Unique experience

Through combining our many years of packaging know-how combined with 3D-printing expertise, we are able to offer you innovative solutions in all aspects of packaging design.

  • Digital design configuration and sampling to enable quick decision making
  • Proprietary industrial scale printing and post processing to enable cutting edge looks with metallized, silky matte or matte finishes.

Your benefits:

  • Fast production time and flexible order quantities
  • Freedom over design & customization freedom, with the choice of selecting and tweaking our variety examples
  • Countless branding possibilities
  • Make your known bestsellers more 'Instagrammable'

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Discover unlimited 3D-printed packaging solutions for your brand and create your unique and individual product design with us!