Supplier Portal – FAQ

Technical Questions

We have worked out that working with Firefox can result in technical problems.
Therefore, we recommend using Internet Explorer or Chrome.

You might be in read-only mode.
To change this, please click on ‘edit’ at the top of the questionnaire.

You can only upload .pdf documents up to 50MB in size.
The document’s name should be as short as possible and should not contain any special characters.

Please get in touch with your contact at Schwan Cosmetics.
The user account can be unblocked by Schwan IT.

Access data can only be reset by Schwan IT.
Please get in touch with your contact at Schwan Cosmetics.

The cause could be your firewall settings or PC settings.
It’s also possible that your IP address is on a blacklist.
Please have your IT team carry out a check.

One option would be to try out the link on your mobile phone.

Questions about the process

Once you have successfully registered, a user account will be created.
This user account is needed to gain access to the portal.
Access to the portal is needed for further qualification steps.

Supplier self-registration is processed by Schwan.
Upon successful registration, you will receive three emails from ‘Schwan Cosmetics - Supplier Portal’ in a few days.

Within a few days, you’ll receive three emails from ‘Schwan Cosmetics - Supplier Portal’ with the following content

  • a) Initial user ID and link so you can set your own access data
  • b) Initial password
  • c) Link for the qualification level 1 questionnaire

These emails are required for future steps.

Firstly, you have to enter personalized access data.

  • Follow the link you received with your initial user ID.
  • Log in using your initial user ID and password.
  • You will be automatically asked to enter new access data.
  • This step is important so that all necessary user rights can be allocated to the user account.
  • After this step, you can begin qualification.

After a successful registration, a qualification process begins in the portal.
For qualification purposes, you will receive questionnaires to answer in the portal and return to Schwan.
Qualification takes place over several levels. As soon as one qualification level has been successfully completed, you will receive one or more questionnaires for the next level of qualification.


Log into the portal and click on ‘Company’ then ‘Company Data’ in the menu to review and edit your contact details.

Emails will be sent to the email address saved in the portal under ‘Employee’ - ‘Own Data’.

Log into the portal and click on ‘Employee’ in the menu to review and edit data.

Access data is valid for all departments of your company, i.e. all departments and companies have to work with the same access data.


Certain documents are requested during the qualification process so should be uploaded to the questionnaire itself.

If additional documents need to be uploaded later on, please check whether the document falls under one of the ‘Company’ - ‘Certificates’ categories. If so, please upload the document in the relevant category. To do so, click on the symbol in the ‘Action’ column.

If the document doesn’t fall under any of these categories, please upload the document under ‘Company’ - ‘pdf. Assets’.

To upload, please click on ‘Search’ then select the document.

Fill in the ‘File Description’ field and then click on ‘Add Asset’.