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In a world where change is constant and where innovation supports diversity. In such a world, we are your professional partner for color cosmetics. Welcome to the World of Schwan Cosmetics. In close coorperation and partnership with our customers. We create custom solutions that are perfectly tailored to your target groups. We respect the consumers' needs, strive for satisfaction of out customers and act mindfully and sustainably.

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Color Cosmetics that performs

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Science-based ingredients and various material and packaging options, always focusing on performance.

Beauty, customized

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Work with our experts to make your tailored product line as unique as your brand.

Genuine Quality

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Discover our genuine quality commitment since 1927.


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Accelerating a more sustainable future without compromising on product performance.


Sustainable Caps made by Schwan Cosmetics

We believe that every piece counts. That's why we want to raise awareness of how even small cosmetic pencil protector caps can be made more sustainable and contribute to a better environmental footprint.

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Schwan Cosmetics joins the Commit for Our Planet initiative

We are proud to share that we joined the Commit for Our Planet initiative. This initiative drives industry-wide sustainability commitments that are inclusive, measurable, and adapted to ever-changing societal and planetary needs.

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TheBetterBarrel by Schwan Cosmetics made with SULAPAC

We partnered with the Finish sustainable packaging provider to create the first color cosmetic pencil made with SULAPAC material. TheBetterBarrel is made of 72% bio-based material that can hold volatile ingredients to ensure the high performance of the texture.

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NEW! Bullet Lipsticks by Schwan Cosmetics

From texture and shade to unique packaging, Schwan Cosmetics offers a one-stop-shop lip service.

Contact us to discover the full variety!

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"Germany's most sustainable medium-sized companies 2022“!

Presented by German business magazine WirtschaftsWoche, the award rates companies according to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) activities and communication to identify the sustainability pioneers.

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Doing sports, doing good!

In autumn 2021, the Schwan-STABILO company group called on all employees worldwide to connect virtually through sports and to get involved in social projects under the motto "Doing sports, doing good". Together, we mastered the first Global Schwan Sports Challenge, supporting projects for clean drinking water in the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa and planting 1,000 trees.


Your career, as colorful and diverse as our products

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