The quality of your success

Our Quality is Your Success

The world’s most renowned cosmetics firms put their trust in products from Schwan Cosmetics. When it comes to your success, you can rely on our first-class quality.

Automatically reliable

Our manufacturing process is characterized by the highest degree of automation in the industry. That makes our product quality one of a kind. Your requirements are our covenant.

Continuously improving

Continuous improvement is a paramount component of our quality management. Your requirements encourage us to go the extra mile. We will audit your standards together, and look forward to your visit.

Securely approved

We know that a lot has to be taken into account before a product can be firmly approved: from the regulatory evaluation of all components and raw materials according to national and international standards, to product performance. But we will sure that the approval of your new product will be as easy and hassle free as possible. And we guarantee that your product will meet and exceed your expectations.

Guaranteed hygienic

We ensure that your products have been produced with the highest quality and safety standards before they are put on the market for consumer use  – always in accordance with international norms.