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151. Innovation - Eye-catching Decoration  
Eye-catching Decoration Your product should be a true highlight, inside and outside – trust our creative and experienced project team when it comes to the decorations. Our Paint Shop develops,…  
152. About us  
9 production facilities around the globe guarantee you sustained production and short supply routes.  
153. About us  
Worldwide there are about 3,000 dedicated employees working for Schwan Cosmetics – and day by day they accomplish creative innovation for you.  
154. About us  
Demanding + visionary + sustainable = successful. The numbers back our formula for success: We sell more than 600 million pens a year.  
155. About us  
People from over 30 nationalities work for Schwan Cosmetics. Together we have one mission: To create sustainable, innovative products that excite consumers all over the world.  
156. About us  
Eyeliner in China, eyeshadow in South Africa, lip gloss in Brazil – more than 700 clients in about 70 countries rely on beauty highlights by Schwan Cosmetics.  
157. Responsibility  
Sustainability goes beyond our own actions We also apply the corporate social responsibility standards we set for ourselves to our suppliers throughout the world by involving them in our CSR…  
158. Responsibility  
Voluntary social audits In order to guarantee that our products are manufactured under safe working conditions, with fair payment and in compliance with fundamental human rights, we have ourselves…  
159. Quality - Guaranteed hygienic  
Guaranteed hygienic We ensure that your products have been produced with the highest quality and safety standards before they are put on the market for consumer use  – always in accordance with…  
160. Quality - Continuously improving  
Continuously improving Continuous improvement is a paramount component of our quality management. Your requirements encourage us to go the extra mile. We will audit your standards together, and look…  
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