Services as diverse as your wishes.

A great offering goes beyond great products. As Schwan Cosmetics we are continuously working on services and solutions to make your life easier and improve collaboration in business processes.

Color Visualizer

Digital innovation and unique colors - combined in one solution!
Discover how to playfully compare thousands of cosmetic colors with your color reference and see your choice in high resolution images and simulation from different point of views.

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Digital Campus

We have developed a 360-degree communication tool in form of a virtual building. It offers various rooms and within them, the opportunity to get to know the entire Schwan Cosmetics world.

Color Cosmetics is an emotional and individual product, that must be made tangible in the sales process. In response to the ongoing pandemic and canceled trade fairs we have found a new way to offer our customers the same, tangible and customer-specific service. Our solution: The Digital Campus that provides beyond-product-experiences.

Enjoy our Schwan Cosmetics content on demand and experience it live in our Digital Campus.
Please contact your responsible sales consultant to register.