Our products mirror everything we do -
our ambition, dedication and our values.


The material, its source and performance have a major impact on a product’s life cycle. We want to reduce packaging waste to an absolute minimum and avoid waste production.
To sustainably package our high-performance textures, we include the following action fields:
PCR/PIR, bio-based, bio-degradable and alternative materials such as wood, monomaterials, as well as recharge and refill solutions.

Alternative Materials

Wood is durable, renewable, recyclable and radiates warmth.

This beautiful material mirrors our purpose of mindful beauty just right. That’s why, we aim to include wood as much as possible in our product creation and pay the utmost respect to its sourcing by partnering only with FSC/PEFC certified suppliers.

Our approach to reducing virgin fossil plastic

We are committed to reducing the use of virgin fossil plastic to prevent more plastic from ending up in the ocean or landfill in the first place. Our strategy involves reducing the use of fossil-based virgin plastic and increasing the use of recycled material in primary packaging. We accomplish this goal by utilizing different processes and technologies that repurpose discarded products into something new without wasting resources.


Post-Consumer Recycling (PCR) is the reprocessing of post-consumer waste, i.e. plastic waste generated by consumers. PCR-packaging therefore consists of plastics collected from products that have already been disposed of and cleaned so that something new can be created from them.

By using more recycled plastic, we can improve our environmental footprint while still producing high-performance products for cosmetic brands.


Bio-based and Bio-degradable material

Bio-based and bio-degradable materials have many benefits. For one, they are made from resources that are renewable, compostable and bio-degradable. They also reduce the dependency on valuable fossil fuels.

We already use renewable materials in our product creation to reduce our environmental impact, for example in the CANDY barrel, which is made from 65% sugarcane-based material.


NEW: TheBetterBarrel

TheBetterBarrel replaces fossil virgin plastic with renewable raw materials. The packaging is made from 72% bio-based material, wood chips from industrial side streams, and natural binders.

TheBetterBarrel is airtight and holds volatile ingredients, which ensures high performance. It is also free of PVC, ABS, and AES.

In addition, the material offers countless customization options in terms of add-on components, decoration, and colors.
Because we think more sustainable packaging should be as colorful as nature.



Based on the idea that color cosmetic should not only look good, but above all feel good and not harm the environment, we create high-performance textures that are sustainable.


In addition to our ingredient policy, we only label products as Clean if they are formulated with safe, conscious, high-quality ingredients.


Our products are labeled vegan if no ingredients or precursors of animal origin are used in the production of the ingredients and they are appropriately separated from the production of ingredients of animal origin to prevent cross-contamination.

Natural Origin Content

We are committed to a Natural Origin Content for new formulation developments of at least 75% by the end of FY 25/26.

Palm Oil

Today more than 85% of our palm oil and palm oil derivatives consumption is mass-balance certified.

Halal & Kosher

We respect religious diversity and offer various products with certifications including Halal and Kosher.


Here you can find examples of innovative, sustainable materials that meet high-performance.

Sustainable Protector Caps

Our sustainable caps are made from recycled, bio-based, and biodegradable materials and offer endless customization options.




Superstay Eyeliner and Lipliner